About Us

What is Demand Utopia?

Demand Utopia is a catalyst to transform cultures and institutions of domination into a new zeitgeist of cooperation, autonomy, and voluntary association. Demand Utopia uses avante-garde praxis to inspire imagination and creativity in culture, in a revolutionary vision of human potentiality and liberated life. In tandem with cultural metamorphosis, Demand Utopia organizes to replace hierarchical institutions with a decentralized, community-based direct democracy of neighborhood assemblies and worker cooperatives.

Our Vision

"Our Being is Becoming, not stasis. Our Science is Utopia, our Reality is Eros, our Desire is Revolution."

Murray Bookchin

Political Democracy

Present-day "politics" is not democracy, but statecraft, where the interests of investor classes are managed by politicians, who make decisions for an alienated constituency, with the "debate" limited to what civil rights the state will strip and how it will manage the crises created by undemocratic economic systems.

Direct democracy is simply democracy. Communities make their own decisions and individuals directly participate in the decision-making process. Instead of communities being ruled by centralized states, communities self-govern, in neighborhood assemblies, organized in a decentralized confederation.

Economic Democracy

Centralized, undemocratic economic systems exploit all but the investor classes, destroy ecological systems, and form the backbone of other systems of domination and oppression. From the Marxist-Leninist, totalitarian states that called themselves "Communist" and "Socialist," to late-stage capitalist economies, dominated by corporations, these systems are obsolete and catastrophic.

Democratic control of production replaces current dictatorships of the workplace with companies owned and operated, in direct democracy, by all the employees of the company. Policies are set by all employees, administrators are elected, and while market economics remain, the surplus-value of every employee's labor is returned to them.

Social Ecology

Ecological destruction is neither caused by humanity, as misanthropic environmentalist narratives proclaim, nor is it caused by a simple mismanagement of policies to be corrected by states or the hidden fist of capitalism, in order to sustainably exploit natural resources. The current ecological crises arise from the domination and exploitation of nature, which originates in the domination and exploitation of human beings in hierarchical social systems.

Decentralized, democratic control of both production and communities provides the cure to the voracious appetite of capitalism, while community control provides the cooperative, horizontal basis needed to break free from domination.

Dual Power

Revolutionary political movements of the past and present have focused on seizing states by electoral statecraft or violent revolutions, or on destroying them before constructing future institutions. These praxes have only resulted in ineffectual political parties, watered-down capitalist states, totalitarian regimes, or nothing from the start.

Instead of statecraft or violent overthrow, neither of which build democratic institutions, the dual power model creates the future institutions today, in the shell of the old. The movement is organized around neighborhood assemblies and cooperative networks, that also form the basis of democratic institutions that will replace the state and corporatocracy.

Utopian Vision

Modern political and social movements are plagued by dogmatism, anachronistic fantasies of 20th Century narratives, or a suffocating resignation for a supposed "pragmatism."

"The assumption that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking." -Murray Bookchin

Demand Utopia applies avante-garde art and messages that counter the current cultures of death cults with a life cult. Visionary thinking is not removed from reality, but unconstrained by the prevailing resignation of what can be done to what has been done.


The basis of a free society is not only democracy, but freedom from domination. Hierarchical structures seek to create a social unity through homogeneity. Hierarchy is based on domination with a social strata that can only make differences between individuals and groups antagonistic in a competition for supremacy. Diversity and autonomy are viewed as threats in such systems.

Autonomy and pluralism are inextricable principles of a free society. This means the embrace of diversity at every level, from the individual to community to culture. Without a system organized on the basis of respect for individual liberty, autonomy, and self-rule, a system of majority-rule is just as tyrannical as rule by a few.

Our Principles

"If we do not do the impossible, we shall be faced with the unthinkable."

Murray Bookchin

The Geshi Principles

The Geshi is a combination of both the minimal aspects of our political program and the minimal ontology (way of being) necessary to realize this politic. It is an ethical code and a call to arms. It is defined by the following principles and ethics. All those who dawn the green mask take an oath to abide by these tenants.

Utopia/Heaven/: A new world is possible. One must dream, imagine and plan to realize a new order of things. Utopia is a destination we shall never quite reach, it is the ideal.

Improvisation/Wind/: Spontaneity and creativity without mediation. Confidence to confront reality on our own terms. Living in the immediacy of now. We are historical actors.

Organization/Storm/: When we work together we are a force of nature to be reckoned with!

Eros/ Fire/: Passionate love unbridled by the mythos of the nuclear family. A deep love for our friends, neighbors and comrades. An erotic life energy that will sustain us in the face of toil, violent repression and isolation. We will be there for each other, for life.

Horizontal Democracy/Mountain/: Non-Hierarchical political structures are the foundation upon which a free society must be built. Political, ecological and economic crisis (the results of domination) threaten to destroy life itself. The solution is political revolution.

Ecology/Earth/: We are of nature, yet distinctly unique. We are natures self-realized form. It is our duty to be stewards of the land. To foster and grow the project of evolution and life itself.

Parrhesia/Thunder/: Truth spoken to power. Personal risks and actions taken in its pursuit. Truth bound in what is best for the community.

Paidia/Lightening/: Dedication to the city. Commitment to learn the skills necessary for our collective improvement. To become the people we must be.

Post-Scarcity/Water/: There is enough to go around. To each according to need and from each according to their volition. The tools of liberatory technology can be used to liberate us from toil, lack of material need and want. Together we can heal the soil and explore the stars.

Co-Federated Universalism/river/: A world in which many worlds fit. A multiplicity of utopias. Difference bonded in a common humanity. To learn from our uniqueness and celebrate our similarities. To defend our diversity, to actualize our unity. Collaboration, cooperation, co-federation.

Our Work

"If I can't dance, it's not my revolution."

Emma Goldman

Rojava Solidarity Work

Demand Utopia has engaged in solidarity demonstrations and support for the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, the revolutionary struggle for Democratic Confederalism, and the women's revolution in Rojava.

Demand Utopia and the North American Kurdish Alliance originated a call for a global day of action in defense of Afrin. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations across the world answered the call to action and hit the streets.

Demand Utopia also participated in support of a solidarity memorial for Anna Campbell, and in support of Afrin on International Women's Day.


Operation Watered Sprout

Operation Watered Sprout was a joint call to action by Demand Utopia, The Internationalist Commune of Rojava and Symbiotic Horizon. We mobilized for a week of action in solidarity with Make Rojava Green Again and Earth Strike on the second week of January.

We raised awareness about the inter-linkages between the social and ecological crisis and raise consciousness that a new world is indeed possible.

Operation Rooted Seedling

For Green June, Demand Utopia and friends are responding with direct action to the destruction of Earth’s biodiversity. The campaign is primarily focused on guerrilla gardening and seed planting.