Can we Build a New World In the Ashes of the Old?


Here at Demand Utopia we understand the climate crisis to be the result of the human crisis. A society based on human domination over human will always result in domination over our ecosystem itself. We believe we have a moral obligation to defend our ecosystem from economic exploitation and devastation in the name of profit, while at the same time advancing new visions for a ecologically sustainable infrastructure that massively re organizes our cities and built space to rely on eco friendly technologies and resource distribution networks built off locally controlled food and material needs. A new system of globally confederated directly democratic cities to vex off the shackles of the eco imperialist capitalist world system. A system free of toil in senseless industries that do no social good but only plunder and build profits for the few.


We demand utopia now! because the alternative is global annihilation. So while the political parties and fascist right flounder in decaying visions of a dying world and social order we must advance together a new vision of a more just society that we build together.


In this we find common cause from our friends in Rojava & Chiapas in developing unique praxis to our unique cultural and political conditions in order to forge a new world. We find inspiration in the roots of the contemporary environmental movements origins in social ecology and the anti nuclear movements of the 1980s. We call ourselves communalists in the tradition of the most forward thinking historical experiments of the left in the Paris Commune and the ideas of Intercommunalism expressed in final ideological elevation of the Black Panther Party. We fight for a new imaginative order inspired by the utopian thinking of the movements such as the Afrofuturist movement that advance images and ideals of a world beyond the shackles and social divides of this one.


In order to stave off this destruction we hope to advance all of the most beautiful hopes and aspirations of human kind embodied in the socialist and anarchist tradition. To build a new world in the ashes of this one as they rain down upon us.


In the face of despotism we hold on to hope for a better world. We believe in the human potential for freedom. And that while the powers of authority, hierarchy and destruction grow their tool chest and become ever intimidating, we do not fall into despair, nihilism and turn inward against ourselves and those around us. We hold on to a realistic utopianism, for at the same time while the forces of destruction grow ever powerful so too does our human potential for freedom.

Unlike any historical time before humans are more connected across the globe, struggling together against for the first time a truly global capitalist world system that touches all parts of the earth and shapes even the most intimate aspects of our lives.


Today our common enemy is more unavoidable than ever. Since the uprisings of the Arab Spring to the global popular democracy movements of Occupy, to the increasingly global movements against authoritarian states embodied in resistance against draconian policing, to the historical revolution in Rojava, we have been sharpening our tools and learning to fight together.


Today we stand at a historical precipice, to begin the long work of transforming our society along with those around us, to embody a human ethic and believe in ourselves and our communities ability to get along and work together or to fester in fear. To build a truly democratic culture in the face of a despotic capitalist reprentative culture that encourages citizens to view themselves instead as constituents. That policies who is included in our communities off or archaic imperialist borders. To refuse a system that encourages us to be passive observers of history, in an information age that overwhelms and inundates us with information shaping our perception of human nature to be one that is self serving and selfish.


We believe it is our time as humanity to evolve past this desperate social order to realize our great potential. So while the right endeavors to build massive walls on an insane quest to protect their dystopia, we do the only reasonable thing and DEMAND UTOPIA!