Our world faces the threat of looming climate catastrophe at the hands of a capitalist economic system inherently based on unyielding resource extraction. Rashes of white supremacist violence underlined by the rise of fascist regimes to power across the world plan to maintain the unsustainable status quo; however, this is all in response to an idea whose time has come. In the face of dystopia, we demand Utopia!


Our social and climate justice movements are stricken with cycles of uncreative responsiveness. We need a movement with a forward-looking vision able to inspire people around the world to take the dive of becoming lifelong revolutionaries willing and able to change the world. Burnout, loneliness, and toxicity are all too common. To sustain us in this effort, we must encourage friendship, nurturing and radical play.


We are building guerilla gardens to sustain and feed our communities, utilizing creative and imaginative tactics to directly confront fascist violence in our streets, developing directly democratic assemblies in our communities to build the people-powered institutions our new world needs and advancing our radical cub scouts program to advance inclusion, honor all of our contributions and have some fun.


Our various projects will work towards building an ecology of movements unified by a common vision for the world yet to be and rooted in the belief that together we are enough to make this new world a reality.

We need funds to continue building more community gardens, supplies for actions and outreach materials.


Your solidarity is important because each donation helps expand the scope of what is possible as otherwise we are left to our own pockets