Get Involved

A new world is possible. It’s going to take a whole lot of helping hands.

If not us, then who? If not now, then when?



There are a variety of ways to get involved with Demand Utopia. Let us know what level is right for you. Hit us up by filling out the form below or at [email protected]



If you would simply like to stay up to date with Demand Utopia consider signing up as a supporter to receive email updates on our activities and any call to actions in your area. You can also make donations to support our work here.


Utopian Sunflower Brigade (USB) Program


The Utopian Sunflower Brigade Program will connect Utopian’s with others in their area or across the country, depending on their locations. It is designed for folks interested in getting organized with Demand Utopia but who live in an area where we do not have an active chapter. Folks will work collaboratively and independently with a small group or “pod” to earn “merit badges” by accomplishing various organizing, mutual aid, or social ecology focused projects, tasks, and educational explorations. This program is designed both for people looking to get organized in their areas, developing skills, and potentially building a Demand Utopia local in their area. Find out more about the program here.



Demand Utopia has local’s in both Olympia and Portland. If you would like to get involved and live in one of these areas please contact us.


At-large Member


Demand Utopia also has at-large membership available for people looking to plug in with specific tasks to assist in building up our network and spreading our collective vision. We are looking to recruit people who have skills and want to help with things like art/graphic design skills, website development, video making, fundraising, admin tasks, ext. If you have any skills in these areas or others that you think may apply please get in touch!