Introducing the Geshi

07 Jul Introducing the Geshi


The Geshi is a combination of both the minimal aspects of our political program and the minimal ontology (way of being) necessary to realize this politic. It is an ethical code and a call to arms. It is defined by the following principles and ethics. All those who dawn the green mask take an oath to abide by these tenants.

Utopia/Heaven/: A new world is possible. One must dream, imagine and plan to realize a new order of things. Utopia is a destination we shall never quite reach, it is the ideal.


Improvisation/Wind/: Spontaneity and creativity without mediation. Confidence to confront reality on our own terms. Living in the immediacy of now. We are historical actors.

Organization/Storm/: When we work together we are a force of nature to be reckoned with!


Eros/ Fire/: Passionate love unbridled by the mythos of the nuclear family. A deep love for our friends, neighbors and comrades. An erotic life energy that will sustain us in the face of toil, violent repression and isolation. We will be there for each other, for life.


Horizontal Democracy/Mountain/: Non-Hierarchical political structures are the foundation upon which a free society must be built. Political, ecological and economic crisis (the results of domination) threaten to destroy life itself. The solution is political revolution.


Ecology/Earth/: We are of nature, yet distinctly unique. We are natures self-realized form. It is our duty to be stewards of the land. To foster and grow the project of evolution and life itself.


Parrhesia/Thunder/: Truth spoken to power. Personal risks and actions taken in its pursuit. Truth bound in what is best for the community.

Paidia/Lightening/: Dedication to the city. Commitment to learn the skills necessary for our collective improvement. To become the people we must be.


Post-Scarcity/Water/: There is enough to go around. To each according to need and from each according to their volition. The tools of liberatory technology can be used to liberate us from toil, lack of material need and want. Together we can heal the soil and explore the stars.


Co-Federated Universalism/river/: A world in which many worlds fit. A multiplicity of utopias. Difference bonded in a common humanity. To learn from our uniqueness and celebrate our similarities. To defend our diversity, to actualize our unity. Collaboration, cooperation, co-federation.

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