Operation Rooted Seedling

Operation Rooted Seedling

Lets Overgrow the System

From Red May to #GreenJune

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In January, utopians from all over the world joined in Operation Watered Sprout for a week-long call to action in solidarity with the Internationalist Commune of RojavaSymbiotic Horizon, and the Make Rojava Green Again campaign. This was a smashing success, with many actions across the US and UK, and two new Demand Utopia cyphers sprouting up in Seattle and Santa Cruz.

Since then, ISIS’ territorial control in Syria was crushed by the revolutionaries from Rojava and awareness of Social Ecology and the revolution in Rojava have spread with new autonomous groups and actions sprouting up all over! Those who gave their lives in Rojava believed that a change in our society is what is needed to avert the ecological collapse.

At the heart of this social change is radical democracy, ecology, and woman’s and queer liberation. We share that belief and ask utopians from around the world to join us during the month of June by responding with direct action to the destruction of Earth’s biodiversity

We want to show our support for those taking part in direct climate actions by offering them a responsive framework and set of achievable actions for unearthing utopia here and now. Many climate action groups raise awareness, but fail when they try to address the problem by simply using state apparatuses, incentive mechanisms, or generally greening capitalism.

We do not want to wait for representatives to act. All races, classes, workers, and non-workers can join this call to action, to liberate our communities from capitalism’s control of our food supply. Evolving our food systems is not a return to an agrarian refuge but a systematic rethinking of land use along ecological lines. We propose these actions to inspire the next generation of ecological partisans to put down roots in their communities and save the humans.


A little guerilla gardening goes a long way! Pick up seeds on your walk to work, see where rainwater collects, check out seed bombs and this seed sovereignty zine from The Seed Ambassadors.

Start a community garden plot by joining an existing community garden or find a neglected community garden. You can offer to rehabilitate your neighbor’s garden, lawn, or planter boxes with food bearing plants. Help get other neighbors involved and tell them about what you’re doing or introduce your neighbors to your local community garden.

You don’t have to be a plant expert to start gardening, you can start with free resources online.

The Eugene Avant Gardeners puts out a great zine with community actions, gardening tips, and recipes.

Take the Where Are You quiz now, and then again in a month. How did you do?

Share The Message

Share your dreams for a utopian city with friends and neighbors: autonomous gardens everywhere, reforestation and edible forests, reestablishing native plants and biodiversity. Your light and vision are needed to avert ecological collapse!

Share our Facebook events and invite all of your friends. Anyone can partake in this month-long action, post your gardening pictures. We’ll share videos, resources, and photos throughout the month of your utopian gardening projects.

You can do banner drops with slogans such as these: Demand Edible Lawns, Resistance is Fertile, We Are The Vangardeners of the Revolution, Save the Humans.

Participate in a local ecological direct action with groups such as Extinction RebellionEarth StrikeFridays for Future, or hold your own! If you would like to participate individually or with a group please do so and post pictures to social media with the hashtags: #GreenJune #OperationEcologicalPartisan #OperationRootedSeedling.


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Further Reading

​​​​​​​Radical Agriculture by Murray Bookchin
Ecology Against Capitalism – Seeking a Renewed Relationship to Nature by Hêlîn Asî
Hierarchy, climate change and the state of nature by The Symbiosis Research Collective

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